Why Content Migration Deserves Your Time & Attention

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At least once in your career, you’ll be in charge of a website upgrade. 

You’ll feel like an imposter. Faking it until you make it. 

We need to start by putting one foot in front of the other, taking it step by step during the upgrade process. 

A new website brings better opportunities for you to engage with your audience and have meaningful conversations with them.

You should start with your existing content.

How do you get your content working harder at drawing in more traffic to your website?

It’s not a sprint that can be won in a flash. 

It’s a marathon and requires extra preparation to get the best results.

Fuelling yourself with the right knowledge & understanding is the best way to prepare, so let's begin...

Out With The Old, In With The New

Before a big race, you make sure you have the right equipment - running in your old, battered dog walking shoes isn’t going to get you a personal best. 

When it comes to your website move, there’s a little more to it than ‘out with the old and in with the new’. 

Your existing content has got you to where you are today. 

But we’ve all fallen at the first hurdle and not kept our content up to date.  

Everyone has written and published content then forgotten it exists.

Moving content from your old website to your new one is known as content migration.

Your ultimate goal is to continually update your content. You adapt to increase how much traffic is reaching your site. 

The more the better. That's the whole point of upgrading your website! 

Your content has to engage your audience and keep them wanting more from your site. 

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Not all content is equal. 

Some pages or posts may reach page 1 of Google while others trail behind on page 10 not receiving traffic for the right keywords. 

Making sure you maximize your content is key to SEO success. 

You can maximise your content by dropping your less relevant pieces and tweaking your older content to bring them up to date!

Replacing outdated content means you’re giving your website the best chance of success. 

You wouldn’t run a marathon in your weekend jeans. They won’t help you run faster!

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

Now it may be tempting to dive in and choose the coolest looking pair of trainers, but when it comes to running, it’s not as simple as the aesthetic. 

Practicality can’t be compromised!

It’s important to keep your content safe when migrating. 

It’s easy to lose track of what content you’ve decided to keep and what you’re dropping when you’re in the middle of upgrading to a shiny, new website.

The Last Mile

Errors on your website make everyone's blood boil. 

It’s easy to change direction and look elsewhere. 

We’ve all done it. The speed of a website is everything and it can damage your website's reputation. 

You could be looking at some mountain-sized bounce rates. Something you don't want to see when reviewing it for your monthly marketing meeting. 

To keep your brand reputation strong, take time to submit tickets to your support team for broken pages to keep your visitors happy. 

Broken links are a tedious task to fix, but are easily resolved! 

Being careless can have a negative impact on your SEO. When taking time to review content, it’s worth doing an analysis of the links across your site.

By keeping track of these things, you’ll be ready to take on the sprint finish!

woman smiling running a sprint finish on a dusty path

All The Gear & Now The Idea!

Now we’ve warmed you up for the big event, with all the right knowledge to help you plan the right route.

Content migration to a new website gives you the opportunity to detox your content, make it fitter and perform better. 

Our tips will help you bring your A-Game, tone up your SEO and outpace your competition.

Get off the starting blocks and enable your content to work harder at reaching your wider audience.

Our next blog explains how to analyse and improve your content before launching your new website.

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