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Why Should You Migrate to Drupal?

Drupal is a very popular open source content management system, predominantly due to its rich functionality, licence free structure and the development of complex websites from scratch can be done very quickly. It is used in such areas as higher education, science, e-commerce, public sector and third sector, you can look at several of our case studies on our website.

There are advantages of migrating to Drupal for both developers and the clients business which we outline below:

Advantages for Developers

Firstly, Drupal is not just a system for website development, it’s an enormous community across the world which constantly communicates and enhances the Drupal CMS by contributing back work done on client projects by developers. This means that a developer can easily find a lot of useful information for their work such as excellent modules, an inexhaustible stream of documents and tutorials all free to access on the Internet.

With such a large and active developer community any errors are corrected in a timely manner, and the core CMS is updated regularly ensuring the Drupal CMS is up to date, and most importantly, secure.

There are a lot of modules for Drupal and these make web development simpler, hasten the process of writing code and, consequently, developing the site. There are more than 7000 modules which can be used to extend the functionality of the websites the developers are working on.

Advantages for Clients

No matter what website you need Drupal allows developers to build a vast array of different types of sites: social network, forums, e-commerce, and enterprise sites for example.

It is important to note that Drupal has a high level of security due to the number of active participants in the Drupal community, there is constant monitoring which provides security of Drupal and it helps to protect your website. Any security threats or patches are managed, released and communicated by a dedicated security team making it a smooth process to update a current Drupal website (so long as it is are a supported version) ensuring the reputation of the client and the safety of their customers.

Performance of a website is key for clients as their users want and need a great experience when visiting their site. Drupal websites, when combined with great hosting infrastructure, have high download speeds and fast response times, this can be critical to give a user of the site a pleasurable experience especially with an online store, a high traffic website or when a website is under high demand from users for example at council election time.

The number of websites visited by a mobile device is ever increasing so it is a huge benefit that “out of the box” the Drupal CMS will provide clients and end users a fully mobile responsive website and the latest technology such as BigPipe to streamline delivering pages to mobile devices quickly.  This reduces the time for development and as such keeps costs within budget.

The Drupal CMS can be managed by the client without a need for developers to do every change to the website. These changes are predominantly around content/layout updates using the “blocks” which can be rearranged when working with content, and importantly this will not break the websites technical functionality. More complex changes will require the assistance of a Drupal support service to maximise the functionality and power of the CMS.

Migration to Drupal

As Drupal continues to grow every year, it also continues to get better and better. With a constant stream of updates to Drupal 8 and its modules, the innovation of the CMS continues to accelerate. And what will be waiting for you, if you choose Drupal for building or migrating your website?

Drupal has a tool which can assist with the migration of your existing website, directly into Drupal. This tool makes migrating much easier and quicker which of course makes this a cost effective option when looking at a new CMS platform.


The reasons for both developers and clients to consider migrating to Drupal can be summarized as follows:

  1. Large worldwide developer community.
  2. Licence free opensource CMS reduces ongoing costs.
  3. Highly secure with weekly updates.
  4. Content changes can be done in house without the need for developers
  5. It’s easy to migrate your website to Drupal from other platforms with the available tools

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