Why it makes perfect sense to migrate to Drupal

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Why Migrate to Drupal?

Drupal is among the most popular content management systems (CMS) currently available.

It’s the preferred choice for a large portion of government agencies, large associations, nonprofits, and many Fortune 500 companies. 

The popularity of Drupal comes from its rich functionality, licence free structure and the ability to quickly develop complex websites from scratch.

Drupal has a highly devoted and effective community. They’re constantly developing to add improvements and additional features to the platform.

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It’s used in many sectors such as higher education, science, e-commerce, public sector and charities, you can look at several of our case studies.

It’s simple for editors and can be made accessible for everyone. 

But how would moving your website to Drupal benefit your organisation?

In this article, we highlight some of the main advantages for developers when building on Drupal and website editors and owners using the platform.

For a more in-depth explanation of how Drupal can help marketers, our blog on how Drupal 8 & 9 can help marketers get their campaigns to market faster is the perfect read.

There are over 7000 actively maintained and supported modules which you can use to extend the functionality of Drupal sites.

Advantages for Developers

Firstly, Drupal is not just for website development, it’s a CMS that enables easy access for editors as well as a secure site for all users.

It has an enormous community across the world who work hard to contribute enhancements to the Drupal CMS. They do this by using projects developed by others and contributing their projects for others to implement. 

As a developer, you can easily find existing projects for your work which stops you having to reinvent the wheel. These projects include useful modules, an inexhaustible stream of documents and tutorials all free to access. 

With such a large, active developer community, any issues are corrected quickly. 

The core CMS is updated regularly ensuring the Drupal CMS is up to date, and most importantly, secure.

Advantages for Clients

No matter what you need your website to do, Drupal provides tools to build many different types of sites including social network, forums, e-commerce, and enterprise sites.


Drupal has been around a long time meaning it’s stable and is designed with robust security at the heart of it. Due to the volume of people in the Drupal community, there are always people contributing improvements and offering solutions, almost like a group effort! 

Security threats are managed, released and communicated by those in the Drupal security team, with users constantly kept in the loop. It has a smooth and safe process for you and your team when planning upgrades and changes to your site. Bugs and issues within Drupal are usually reported and responded to very quickly, giving you peace of mind as a user.

Customer Experience:

Creating great experiences is a high priority when it comes to your website. Your visitors need to be able to navigate through it easily without glitches or the dreaded 404 page. 

When combined with a great hosting infrastructure, your Drupal site can enable you to have high download speeds and fast response times, so your customers are never slowed down...

The hard work you put into content and marketing could be lost at the last hurdle here, so it’s important in your customers busy day that they aren’t stalled by loading pages. It’s crucial to have a website that will function with speed. 

Mobile Responsive:

The number of websites visited by a mobile device is ever increasing.

Making sure your site is fully mobile and tablet compatible is a must! 

On some CMS platforms, it can take a lot of tweaking and expert help to make sure your site is fully compatible with these sorts of devices, but Drupal is designed to be able to adapt to most devices from the get-go! 

You can find out more from our blog post: Can Drupal be used for mobile apps?

YES, you can:

A Drupal site doesn’t necessarily need a skilled developer to do all the work, it’s easy for your team to use. By using the ‘blocks’ you can change your content and layouts. Your team can stay efficient and make changes instantly instead of waiting for your ticket to be seen by your support team or agency. Using Drupal means you’re in more control. You can work faster to produce content when you need it. 

Migration to Drupal

The development of Drupal get’s better year on year, with a constant stream of updates each month. Drupal is improved with content editors in mind. 

With a stream of minor updates to each new version of Drupal and its modules, the innovation of the CMS continues to accelerate. 

The main things you need to take away when considering the migration to Drupal can be summarized as follows:

  1. The large worldwide developer community that you’d be a part of and able to work within.
  2. Licence-free open-source CMS reduces ongoing costs.
  3. You’d move to a highly secure site with weekly updates available.
  4. Content changes can be done in house without the need for developers, enabling your team to work quicker & smarter!

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