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Fred spent a week with some of the teams at Ixis to get a taste of what life was like in the real world of an open source services agency. Here's what he experienced during his work experience week.

This week I have been on work experience with Ixis. In this week I have learnt:

  • How to make a landing page on Drupal
  • How to make a blog on Drupal
  • About HTML and CSS

Making a landing page on Drupal

I didn't know anything about Drupal at the start of this week, and now due to help from Ixis I have learned much about it. I created a Landing page with the help of Drew Jones, he has taught me a lot of what I know now about how to make landing pages. By doing this he has made my week much easier. Once I knew the basics it was fairly easy. The more you do it, the better you will be, so working for Ixis could be a good route.

Writing a Blog on Drupal 

Making a blog post on Drupal was fairly easy, this is what I'm doing now. It's just adding content and making sure the HTML is ok - this is the basics though. The "Josh being certified" and the "last month in drupal" were two posts I put together for the blog. It does make sense to me now and I really enjoyed doing it. Anyone could make a blog on Drupal once they knew the basics.


HTML and CSS is very difficult and I have struggled with this part of the work. As the week went on though it got easier. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I know a bit about it. The code academy website was very helpful I would suggest using that if you are stuck on HTML and CSS. I have just made a HTML and CSS feature comparison table this was very difficult but I did manage to complete it.

Fred at work

I just wanted to say what a great week I have had working at Ixis, and I can't thank them enough for taking me on and actually giving me some work experience. They have taught me skills that would be useful in the future I have really enjoyed my time here with a great company and some great people.

Fred at work
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