Wrapping up 2021 & What’s to come in 2022!

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2021 was… a rollercoaster for everyone!

One with many highs and achievements to celebrate, and a year of growth and change across the group.

For Ixis, it was a hell of a ride.

With the acquisition of our brand and joining forces with CTI Digital back in January, we’ve gone from strength to strength as a team and together become a powerhouse of businesses for the Digital Sector.

Merry Christmas from all brands

Moving into 2022 with us...

We wanted to share a couple of highlights from across our loyal client portfolio:
The British Council: Digital transformation has been a key priority for the organisation for a number of years in an effort to stay on top of the many challenges and opportunities offered by digitisation. A key part of this has been developing more personalised services around the world and meeting the rising global demand for English. That’s where we came in to help, and now the work has expanded. They’ve renewed their GCloud contract with our team & continue to host and support their Drupal websites. Due to lock down and the increased demand for online learning we were able to scale up the infrastructure to cope with the traffic too. Along with others in the CTI Group, we're looking forward to helping the British Council with their hosting and infrastructure.
Uniper Energy: Back in 2016 when Uniper came on board we inherited a Drupal multi-site type of architecture. This year we have been delivering enhancements to the current websites along with upgrades to Drupal 8 and 9 to meet the end of life deadlines and we are now embarking on a complete rebuild of the architecture to better deliver Uniper's vision for 2022 of one company and one message. We're excited to see how we can continue to help Uniper Energy reach their visions into 2022.
New Schools Network: Our relationship with New Schools Network has gone from strength to strength. We were delighted that they have continued to renew their support contract with us - having an open dialogue ensures our relationship has time to develop and grow. This year, we’ve worked with New Schools Network to integrate the Academy Ambassadors website into the New Schools Network website - it will be great to see what next year will bring… 
Blue Prism: A client of ours since back in 2017, when Blue Prism commissioned Ixis to help them establish their integrated support portal. Pushing on with enhancing their portal into the new year, with tens of thousands of logged users, the Blue Prism team also renewed their hosting and support contract & we're thrilled to see them join us in our journey into 2022.

Donkey Sanctuary: Working with charities is always an absolute pleasure. Working to support and help charities like the Donkey Sanctuary has been something we’ve been involved with for many years now. We started working with the Donkey Sanctuary back in 2013, and our current project, upgrading their Drupal site to D9 and other subsites, will continue over into 2022. 

Action Aid: After working with Action Aid throughout 2020, we were able to extend our contract with the team and move towards helping them develop a new Drupal 9 website, as well as streamlining their current multi-sites and working with their donations site to update and upgrade their current systems. Our work with Action Aid has been nominated and shortlisted for 'Third Sector Website of the Year' at the UK Dev Awards, which will be announced in 2022.

We're excited to welcome...

This year, we've been appointed the trusted agency of choice for support and development work for Action Aid, Staffing Industry Analysts, Hercules Site Services, Burgen Bread who are part of the Allied Bakeries family and the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

As part of the wider group 2021 also saw some of the Ixis team working on joint clients such as the Greater London Authority, and numerous Drupal 9 site upgrades.


This years achievements and next years goals...

Whilst the world tries to adjust to a new normal and industries of all types try to find their feet again, we’ve seen some great achievements from our team this year.

First of all, two of our team members have hit one fabulous milestone, Our very one Peter Lavell & Paul Jones have been part with Ixis work family now for ten years. Thank you for your continued hard work and support to the wider team and our fantastic clients.

The end of 2020 saw us join forces with the CTI Group. Since then, the group has expanded to acquire 2 further award-winning digital brands, making us 7 in total. Welcoming Mosquito, a digital marketing agency in January and then Worship Agency CRO in March. With big plans coming soon, the group CEO Nick spoke with Prolific North in recent months about next steps.

For Ixis in particular, next year will be a year of growth and development of our services. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a team dedicated to working on Laravel projects. Watch our blog in January to find out how this is shaping up...

christmas video

Thanks to our partners, clients, team, and friends for contributing to a great year.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year from all of us at Ixis.

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