Finance Manager Training Hub

Deutsche Bank

Ixis worked with an international e-learning business to create a portal for training new finance managers at Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s leading financial services firms.

The Client

Deutsche Bank is an investment bank and financial services organisation headquartered in Frankfurt, with operations worldwide. As with any international corporation, it is vital for new managers, directors and VPs joining the organisation to be trained in a unified way. Then, once they are part of the firm, it is crucial for them to be able to regularly meet, share information and vote on key issues – from locations all over the world.

As such, Deutsche Bank runs events across Europe, which are used for both the training of new finance managers and the sharing of key business information across all senior levels of the organisation. Deutsche Bank wanted to create a portal site to support the event, providing a centralised resource for event registration and information, polling and communication functionality.

The Project

Ixis created an ‘Event hub’ for Deutsche Bank – an online company portal providing a range of functions to support the events, including training resources for new finance managers. Built in Drupal for maximum flexibility and functionality, the site was framed with secure account management, requiring each delegate to be registered on the site and provide a username and password to access it.

Each event delegate was presented with their own personalised dashboard based on their user profile, with their specific events front and centre. Information such as locations and timings of all IHP events were also included, as well as videos of individuals explaining IHP.

A key goal of the portal was to enable users from all over Deutsche Bank’s international community to network with each other pre and post event, to run and contribute to discussion forums and to poll each other for views on key issues – that is, to make the event as interactive and collaborative as possible. As such, interactive attendee lists were created, with registered access to the forums for each delegate. Messaging functionality was built, enabling users to post real-time views and comments, and this, in turn, was integrated with the live training conference sessions, enabling messages to be displayed on screens throughout the event.

Enabling real-time voting was another major goal, so Ixis created live poll functionality within the portal. Results could be processed immediately, Presenters could then display survey results on their projector screens in real-time.

The portal was optimised for use on the company-issued Blackberry mobile devices, meaning that delegates could not only access all functionality whilst moving throughout IHP,  but could also participate in polls during conference presentations.

This was a really interesting challenge, supporting Deutsche Bank in delivering an exceptional learning experience to all its event delegates, and delivering a truly dynamic and engaging platform for interaction and engagement.

Mike Carter
Managing Director at Ixis

The Result

The IHP event hub enabled Deutsche Bank to run a highly interactive, dynamic and learning-focused event, in which every delegate was able to participate in a tangible way, have their voice heard and access tailored information.

International organisations have to work hard to ensure that their workforces receive unified training and can share their experiences with each other – our portal supported Deutsche Bank with both goals.

Mike Carter, Managing Director at Ixis

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