Transforming a sales process from spreadsheets to Drupal 8 web application.

Falcon Panel Products
This system has resulted in lower volumes of incoming “technical query” calls whilst simultaneously increasing sales.
Neil Harrison, Door Technical Manager
Neil Harrison
Door Technical Manager at Falcon Panel Products Ltd

The Results

Sales Process Efficiency

Falcon Panel Products now have an online system, named Wizardoorer, which is updated in a single place to ensure all the team have up to date information without the need for sending a client large, data-heavy spreadsheets as was previously done. Customers are now able to use the online tool without assistance using their individual login from the sales team.

Through the implementation of the online tool, the Falcon Doors sales team are spending less time answering incoming technical queries as their customers are able to use an easy-to-use self-service tool using their unique login which has increased their sales process efficiency and allowed for a high return on investment on the development work.

The Brief

Falcon Doors were using an offline Excel spreadsheet document template to provide lists of door products which were then sent to clients taking their specifications into consideration.

They wanted an online application with mobile app development which dictated the choice of framework.

Removing Siloed Spreadsheets

Primarily, they wanted to move away from using siloed spreadsheets on the team’s individual computers to a ‘cloud’ solution. This provided a central place to update door data and have it instantly available to the team who are all working with the same data.

Beyond that, Falcon Doors required authenticated user access and the ability to add, update or delete users themselves when required. Being able to bulk update data for the arrival of new products or the discontinuation of others was essential to speed up the management of the system.

Finally, they wanted an attractive, easy to navigate tool that customers would be comfortable to use without requiring much assistance from the sales team. This would speed up their sales process and allow for a high return on investment (ROI) on the development work.

The [developers] were enthusiastic and positive, always looking to provide a solution where others had stated “it can’t be done that way".
Neil Harrison, Door Technical Manager
Neil Harrison
Door Technical Manager at Falcon Panel Products Ltd


Discovery: Analysis

Due to the complex calculations involved in the spreadsheets, using industry-specific business rules including fire ratings and door measurements, and moving this tool online for the first time, meant that a discovery phase was essential. These had to be correct and therefore the team had to understand them.

There were two key members from Falcon Doors; the Product Owner and a Door Technician who held a lot of the knowledge and had designed the original spreadsheet that our new tool was replacing.

A number of face-to-face meetings took place to clarify our understanding of what Falcon Doors needed from their new tool.

We released tool development changes on a fortnightly basis to show progress and allow Falcon Doors to provide feedback and the team at Ixis to implement changes.

Our expertise was relied on to provide a minimum viable product (MVP) in the first phase. 

The second round of work was then carried out based on feedback from Falcon Doors before their team were introduced to using it for day to day business. 

Our Account Manager was always on hand when we required an update/progress report
Neil Harrison Door Technical Manager
Neil Harrison
Door Technical Manager at Falcon Panel Products Ltd

Drupal 8 with Vue.js

The tool was built with Drupal 8 as the content store and reporting system. Vue.js provided the front end complex configurator forms and responsive interface for mobile and tablet devices so that customers could enter their criteria whether on-site or in the office. This future-proofed the tool to enable them to move to a native mobile application to carry out configuration work with very little additional costs.

Keeping loading speeds to a minimum

Loading speeds needed to be kept to a minimum for the tool. As there were a number of complex calculations and large amounts of data, we decided to build a single page application (SPA) framework.

This meant we were able to keep page loading speeds to a minimum as only the search functionality was being refreshed rather than the entire page. Users are not directed to a new URL when using a SPA as it is done within the same URL.

By using these complex forms and calculations it created a quick way to filter through over a hundred PDF specification documents to find matching data for the Door Technician.

We also implemented a bookmark feature allowing search forms to be saved for use later or to share with colleagues. A user was able to enter their criteria into the form, click go and save the criteria and results. They would then be able to see these results at a later date. It would also allow Falcon Doors to provide a responsive support service to check the data against the customer’s criteria.





Falcon Panel Products Wizardoorer





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