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Happythreads now have an e-commerce website that puts them back in control. Using their in-house graphic skills they can quickly create content for upcoming trends or seasons without spending additional money on a developer.

The custom embroidery tool we developed is simple-to-use for customers and has enhanced their shopping experience by enabling an entirely personalised order without the need for Happythreads intervention. As a result of this, Happythreads are able to utilise their team better and focus on business growth.

The migration has had success both on and offline. By utilising the integration of a picking software, Pickware, Happythreads internal stock management process has improved for the warehouse teams which subsequently increased efficiency and enabled them to look at their future business objectives and goals with a website that gives them the flexibility to scale and handle more orders.

Happythreads personalisation screenshot

A personalised healthcare and childcare uniform provider

Happythreads provide a wide range of healthcare and childcare uniforms with a personalised embroidery service. They offer the convenience of online shopping with secure payment and easy delivery.

In a competitive market, Happythreads needed to stand out from their competitors with a fantastic shopping experience for their target market. They needed a solution that would enable them to utilise their in-house design skills without the need for a developer whilst allowing them the flexibility to expand into further European markets without a full site rebuild. Their current platform, Magento 1.9 did not fulfil these requirements and was slowing down their business growth.

Happythreads team

Key challenges

  • Unable to implement website changes without the assistance of a developer. 
  • High basket abandonment due to difficult to understand custom embroidery shopping process
  • Manual stock management process which was time-consuming and led to poor stock control.
  • Multi-territory site with complex VAT rules

Seamless ordering

Using Magento 1.9, we were approached to find a solution that would work for their business. They wanted to utilise their in-house design skills by making changes to their website without the need of a developer.

As a multi-territory business, the website had to handle a variety of VAT calculations for each location and be designed to expand easily into new markets when required without requiring a completely new build.

Their custom embroidery process needed improvement so customers could fulfil their own orders seamlessly online without the need of Happythreads' customer service team. 

An essential improvement was integrating the online store to enable the warehouse teams to pick & pack orders and automate stock controls moving away from time-consuming and manual processes. Prior to the integration, Happythreads had multiple warehouse locations using siloed processes on a site-by-site basis which included manually processing dropshipping orders with suppliers.

Making it easy for customers

Decreased basket abandonment

In a competitive market, Happythreads needed to stand out from their competitors with a great shopping experience both on and offline for their target market. 

Moving away from manual stock management was key to expanding into new markets as currently, they felt they were working to capacity. Automating their stock control and providing an improved pick and pack process would enable increased efficiency without the need to hire additional staff.

Happythreads’ goal was to offer a coherent custom embroidery tool that would put customers back in control of their orders. Through a well-designed tool, their customer support calls and basket abandonment rate would decrease releasing them to focus on business growth.

A single platform was required which would allow expansion into further European markets without the need for a full site rebuild. This would need to manage each country’s individual VAT and shipping rules without diminishing the shopping experience for their visitors. 

Getting to know Happythreads

Discovery sessions were conducted to establish a greater understanding of their business goals. 3 members of our team flew to Happythreads’ HQ in Ireland and spent 2 days with the Happythreads team to gain knowledge of how their business and team worked, what their processes were and what they needed the new website to do that would facilitate their growth plans.

By participating in the discovery sessions, Happythreads could identify their project priorities and any previously missed opportunities for the new site, therefore making an informed decision surrounding our proposal for their site.

This discovery phase gave our team the opportunity to devise a strategy that completely fit their requirements, ensuring all of their priorities were covered within our plan. It also meant that time was not wasted developing a site that did not meet Happythreads expectations.

Workshop with Happy Threads Team

Shopware's scalable solution

From our discovery phase, the recognition of Happythreads requirements led us to confirm Shopware was the most appropriate platform for their requirements. Shopware is a scalable solution which offered a multitude of benefits. It would allow them to create landing pages and slideshows without development using easy page builder features such as Shopping worlds, Drag & Drop and Storytelling.

To enhance the usability of the site and make the order process straightforward for customers, an overhaul of the theme design and UX was necessary. All customer account information including their login details were retained from the migration as this was identified as being essential to enhancing customers’ shopping experiences. 

The seamless integration of Pickware, a picking software that sits at the core of Shopware allows teams to pick and pack orders and automate their stock controls.

Bespoke plugins

Shopware didn't have a suitable pre-existing plugin that would have improved their custom embroidery experience and therefore we decided to develop a bespoke one. This meant we could create a tool that best answered the problems Happythreads customers were experiencing by guiding them through the process in a simple step-by-step guide.

Shopware certified developer

Happythreads use dropshipping as a fulfilment method for some of its products and needed an automated process to notify suppliers of an order placed. Through research, it became apparent that there weren’t any appropriate plugins available that would fit Happythreads’ requirements. We designed and developed a plugin which automatically sends notifications to suppliers with all the information needed to process the order.

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