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Macmillan Education

The client

Macmillan Education is a global publisher with a local presence. They work in over 120 countries worldwide, whilst maintaining a focus on regional success. They work hard to get close to the people who matter, developing lasting relationships with students, teachers and educational authorities. Today, Macmillan Education is a name synonymous with high-quality publishing around the world. From pre-primary through to adult learners and business professionals, they provide for teachers and students at every stage of the learning journey.

The Brief

We worked with Macmillan education on a consultancy basis. We performed a site health check, this involved checking the website and server for a number of potential issues, including:

  •     Out of date and bug fixes to modules installed and in use.
  •     Drupal Core security status.
  •     Analysis of installed module code for common security vulnerabilities.
  •     Review of your theme build and files to identify bad practices.
  •     Database overheads and poor performing queries.
  •     Scheduled task processing.

Once the health check was completed and the report produced we mediated with their offshore development team, providing them with the information and knowledge as to how they can write secure, maintainable code.

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