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The Brief

The NHS’ budgets and costs are topical, with efficiency an often-discussed theme. Our client, an expert in this industry, approached us to create an application which would reduce these costs. We’ve worked together over several years to devise a solution, combining our expertise in user experience and custom software design with their knowledge of workforce efficiency.

Penine Messenger

The Solution

We worked together to build the software using agile methods tailored to the needs of this project, prioritising work and delivering useable features as needs arise. The project is a huge one, and requires collaboration across many organisational levels of the NHS, as well as our company and the clients’.

Together we built a web application which offers a new approach to staff resourcing. The system allows the NHS’ workforce planning team to communicate en-masse with staff members, showing available shifts to a pre-vetted list of employees and allowing staff to respond on a first-come-first-served basis.

This approach cuts out much of the time required to manually communicate with each staff member and reduces the need for the trust to use external staffing agencies, which generally have much higher costs than internal shift-filling, saving large amounts of money.

The Results

We continue to work together with our client and the NHS, providing and continually improving the service we offer. We constantly strive to understand the problems faced by the workforce team, and support them in using the Messenger system. We constantly search for new ways to ensure their work is efficient, freeing up time which would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks so that they can deliver more effectively as a team.

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