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The Client

Turley are a full-service national planning and development consultancy. They started from an office in Manchester and now operate from 13 offices across the UK, offering a full service to clients looking for anything from planning, permissions, heritage consultation and economic forecasting. 

They have a number of key tenets that run through everything they do, including their web presence. These include the fact that Turley has been fully employee-owned since 1996. Making their image and communications ideals very important to them. They are also fully committed to sustainable developed and maintaining a healthy community view, and awareness of their social responsibility.

The Project

We began working with Turley in 2014. To kick off the engagement we conducted a full Health Check on their site. This allows us to benchmark the overall condition of the website, and bring it up to date so it is suitably up to date and running well for a support contract. Turley’s website was already built in Drupal, which is an ever-changing platform, with new releases and modules constantly being added. Because of this, it can be hard to keep on top of it all. To provide a benchmark showing how their website performed against the rest, Ixis offered Turley a Drupal website Health Check and Audit which covered the key areas of the site.

Following this initial check, we found some issues and vulnerabilities. Our in house development team was scheduled to fix these outstanding problems immediately. This then prepared the site and enabled our service desk to provide an SLA backed support service. These issues included removing hacks from Facebook, Field Collection, Link Image Fields, Node Queue and WYSIWYG Modules.

The second part of the work came in the form of two significant development projects.

Firstly, Turley wanted to introduce registration walls to some of their content. Registration walls ask their visitors to submit some data and an email address in order to receive access to high value pieces of content.

Secondly, we were asked to redesign their homepage, to improve the overall user experience, and bring it into line with their new branding. To achieve a seamless integration between functionality and design we worked with a Manchester based design agency, who provided the visual elements.

The Result

Following the Health Check, we made significant improvements to the overall running of Turley’s existing site. We also brought them on board for hosting and support contracts, giving them round the clock access to our team of developers and engineers and a safe secure hosting package.

Following our development projects, Turley had an enhanced ability for lead generation through their best pieces of content, gathering email addresses and data from interested parties, as well as a slick and clean new homepage that fit with their brand identity and supported their objectives as a business.

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