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Ixis have over 13 years experience of auditing, migrating, building, hosting and supporting exceptional Drupal websites across the world.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a flexible and robust platform for building websites and applications on.

Today, Drupal powers a wide range of popular websites including Sony BMG, The Economist and Oxfam, proving that the technology is tried and tested and can support the needs of small start-ups through to large enterprise installations.

The Benefits

Drupal is constantly being improved and developed by thousands of passionate people from all over the world.  As everyone contributes and shares, everyone benefits from new applications and developments.  Hundreds of like-minded technical people update and develop Drupal constantly including government and corporate organisations.

Ixis works exclusively with Drupal as a Content Management System which allows us to focus on one platform, dedicating our research and development to this alone.  Our additional services are then tailored specifically to Drupal, including initial consultancy and site development through to ongoing hosting and support.


If you choose to invest in Drupal to power your website, you benefit from a whole security team included as part of the deal. Our Drupal support package ensures your site is kept up to date with the latest security releases on a weekly basis.

Open and Honest

One of the many advantages of using open source software such as Drupal is that you are not tied into one vendor, the site is fully portable to any Drupal developer.  You can use Ixis for as much support, or as little as required and you own everything.

Flexibility and Growth

Your new site doesn't need to do everything from the start, you can extend an already developed Drupal site using custom building blocks known as modules.  We can build and add to your websites functionality so it grows as your organisation does. 


With the demand for Drupal increasing so has the demand for high scalable sites. Drupal can cope with sudden traffic spikes and constant demanding traffic with some expert performance planning.

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