Drupal Themes

Theme design creates the look and feel for your site. Themes mix visual design concepts such as colour, shape and metaphor with site navigation functionality. 

Drupal Themes

A theme must grab your users attention and motivate them to explore your site information further.  Ixis will provide you with a choice of themes when building your website.  We offer both original design and theme conversion services. If you're moving an existing website or CMS package to Drupal we can assist in the development of your new theme based on an existing brand style.

Visual Design

We can produce engaging creative visuals based on your design brief, or work with something you've already got.  Find out more about our design process and how you're involved.

If you've already commissioned a web design with another agency, we can break up the completed design to build re-usable components that make up a Drupal theme. We accept Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files or similar, or the static HTML/CSS/images.

Our Drupal themes are based around the PHPTemplate and Twig engines which are part of the Drupal Core framework. We always aim to produce validated HTML5 compliant mark-up, where possible, along with strict validating CSS.

Getting a quote

Please contact us for more information, and if possible include:

  • A web link to the existing site if applicable.
  • Drupal version. eg. Drupal 6.x / 7.x. / 8.x
  • Any 3rd party modules/extensions/add-ons which should be catered for in the design. eg. Views, Maps.
  • Deadline that the work must be completed by.


Let's work together

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