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The Drupal community is growing daily, and there's a vast amount of free information, tutorials and modules available on the Internet. However when business deadlines are short you may benefit from our direct advice and knowledge gathered over many years of commercial Drupal work.

We can share our best practices, module knowledge, and architecture design for your Drupal project on a one to one basis. Our Drupal developers can provide you with advice and assistance on Installation, Upgrading and Theme building for your projects. If your staff are busy with deadlines of their own, we are also available to carry our required work for you either on an ad-hoc basis or as part of our Drupal support package.

Ixis are also experienced in working with media agencies and design studios who are looking for a solid and flexible content management system framework to power upcoming client projects. Our Drupal consultants can work with your in-house team to take the design and specification through to a complete and functioning Drupal site - including training your staff on the use of the software and any necessary maintenance tasks.

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