Drupal Development
Drupal Development
Drupal Development


A development team that works with your business:
  • Specialists in migrating from closed source enterprise web content management systems
  • Acquia and Zend Certified
  • Customisable support and hosting packages available
  • Experts in PHP, Linux and Amazon Web Services
  • Dedicated development and support teams
  • Fully managed and supported data migration solutions
Digital transformation for business, the public sector and charities
Drupal Development

Our team has created cutting-edge Drupal-powered websites for every type of organisation from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, charities and public sector bodies. Our wide experience makes us creative and resourceful when it comes to integrating Drupal modules and third party systems into a single, seamless, bespoke solution. We will do whatever it takes to meet yours and your customers’ needs.

Web application builds

At Ixis we have been architecting, building and migrating Drupal sites since 2004, when version 4 was state-of-the-art.

In that time we've helped local government services to migrate from proprietary systems, built membership platforms for large charities and helped to transform the online presence of many large public, private and third sector organisations.

The majority of our builds have been for public facing websites. Drupal's strengths in content management and complex workflows are especially valuable here. However, Drupal is so flexible and extensible that it can be customised for a variety of purposes from e-commerce to membership portals.

Giving back to the open source community

By using Drupal you are benefiting from open source software. If someone somewhere has already solved a problem similar to yours, you have free access to their solution. So it's only fair to add your solution to the community, enabling the worldwide network of Drupal users to adapt, refine and learn from it in the future. 

Migration made simple
Drupal Development

Changing systems

There are many good reasons to migrate content from an old system to Drupal, but it can be a complex process. Our wide experience of software and database products can greatly simplify the migration of all your data and content.

A proven process

At Ixis we are specialists in migrating from closed source enterprise web content management systems (WCMS) such as OpenText (Reddot), Vignette, Tridion, Sitecore, LiveLink and Envisage (Immediacy). Whichever system you’re currently using, trust our expert team to make the process efficient and hassle-free. Our migration know-how allows us to automate and repeat the steps, so your content can transfer to Drupal throughout the project build. We can also rerun the migration before launch to ensure that the latest changes on your old system are transferred without loss or duplication of content.

Time to update to Drupal 8?

Now that it is firmly established, you may wish to migrate to Drupal 8 from older versions. As well as removing any dependence on legacy code, this can make your project easier to build and maintain, thanks to the many new features of Drupal 8. Our Drupal knowledge and migration expertise make us your perfect partner.

We were so impressed with their work, we asked Ixis to develop our main epilepsy information website (the most visited epilepsy website in Europe)
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Mark Morton
Digital Manager, Epilepsy Action

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