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Is your Drupal website secure?
Drupal Health Check

Your Drupal website is a living, growing, changing thing. New functionalities and content are added. Visitor numbers grow. Only regular expert health checks can keep you in control and your website performing optimally. Or maybe you've just completed a development project. If so, an independent appraisal of the delivered code is a wise precaution.

Why do you need an external Health Check and Audit?

As one of the UK’s leading Drupal specialists, we use our knowledge and experience from previous projects to support all our customers and help them maximise their online organisational performance.


Free review

Drupal is an ever-changing platform, with new releases and modules constantly being added to the platform it can be hard to keep on top of it all. To see how your website performs against the rest, Ixis offer a FREE Drupal website Health Check Audit which covers the common areas of the site including:

  • Security check
  • Website performance check (Is the site mobile friendly, web page responsiveness, etc)
  • Basic CMS configuration 
  • Website content check (Analyse your website content and provide ways in which to speed it up)

Once you register, one of our Drupal consultants will contact you to discuss how your site health check and audit will be completed and the contents of your report.

Specialist Assessment
Website Health Check

See a Drupal consultant for a specialist assessment

If you need a thorough review, why not make an appointment to see one of our experienced consultants who can discuss your objectives and carry out an audit of your site. Our experts will produce a report so you can make informed decisions about the next steps with clarity.

Our specialist assessment will cover a number of key areas including:

  • Out of date elements
  • Bug fixes to installed and in-use modules
  • Drupal core and installed module code security vulnerabilities
  • Bad practices with your theme build and files
  • Database overheads and poor performance queries
  • Scheduled task processing

The report will include key recommendations and compliance requirements which can be shared throughout your organisation.

Is a health check right for you?

Still not sure? Contact one of our experienced consultants now to arrange an assessment and they can guide you through the process to help you make informed and accurate decisions regarding your website. 

Security is particularly important for an organisation such as ourselves and the Ixis audit highlighted a number of potential weaknesses
Charles Cresswell
Charles Cresswell
Head of information systems, Association of Corporate Treasurers

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