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Drupal Hosting

Having your Drupal website hosted with the right hosting provider and in the right environment is critical for all businesses.

Choosing your hosting provider should not be taken lightly. In fact, choosing the company who hosts your website is as important as choosing the company who develops your website. Businesses and organisations can sometimes overspend on development and design of their site and don’t set aside a realistic budget for hosting, 

Having a website that runs loads slowly can have a negative impact on the brand and its reputation. Your visitors will not want to wait for a page to load and inevitably they will end up leaving the site. The result is that you could potentially lose an enquiry, lose an order or damage your reputation. Having worked hard developing your brand and spending money on the development of your site, is this what you want? 

Spikes in traffic can seriously affect the performance of a website. These spikes in traffic can occur for a number of reasons, during holiday periods, business events or marketing trends are just a few of the potential times that traffic can spike. Because of this, It is important that your installation is set up correctly so if large volumes of visitors arrive at your website your hosting environment has the power and capacity to handle the surge in traffic. 
If the server which hosts your website cannot handle this traffic then what will happen is your website will either crash or the pages will load very slowly, again having a negative impact. If this is someone’s first visit are they likely to return or recommend your site to someone?

Deployment that helps you make the most of Drupal's potential

Our expert deployment service will ensure that your Drupal installation is set up correctly and can meet all your objectives. Above all, we can keep the potentially stressful deployment process as seamless and worry-free as possible, thanks to the Ixis team's sophisticated managed version control service for deployment. 

Our hosted Drupal service helps users to advance quickly and simply to tasks such as user acceptance testing. We can deliver custom deployments and have the ability to automatically make multi-branch deployment as simple as a single Git command.

Fully managed Drupal cloud platform
Drupal Hosting

In theory, you can host your Drupal website yourselves. However, expert advice and assistance is advisable, because there's an ongoing need too: 

  • Monitor your Drupal installation, and react to alerts 24/7
  • Manage the setup to enforce a repeatable environment and facilitate auditing
  • Manage backups and disaster recovery strategies
  • Implement caching both within Drupal and at the edge
  • Provide a deployment system, implement release management and manage multiple environments

Ixis provides all of the above as standard. We can provide a fully managed Drupal cloud hosting platform as a core service, backed by our team's experience and expertise. 

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Your Drupal installation is always there for people to view, so you need to be assured that it’s running smoothly and working efficiently at any time on any day. We deliver that assurance with proactive 24/7 vigilance, using comprehensive monitoring software, externally hosted services and internal open source software. These applications allow us to provide a first class hosting service.

We have worked hard to build our reputation. We are trusted by many enterprises, local government and third sector organisations. These organisations trust in Ixis and chose to work with us because of our reputation, expertise and promise to deliver a service which they wanted. Understanding your business and your requirements will help us customise your projects to provide your business with the results you are looking for.

Not only have we seen a huge improvement in uptime as a result of development work carried out by Ixis, it’s also given us the ability to update and improve our sites in a much quicker way.
Nick Morgalla
Nick Morgalla
Head of Digital Operations, British Council

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