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Drupal Hosting
Drupal Hosting
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Drupal Hosting

We specialise in fully managed Drupal hosting for a wide range of websites from small and simple to complex, high traffic sites. Our team has helped to move hundreds of Drupal sites over the years, so you can be confident of a seamless migration and continuing excellence.

Amazon hosting for Drupal

We believe in long-term, sustainable relationships, so we only use reputable hosts with a proven track record. Amazon above all.

Quality before profit

We won't oversell our setups and services to thousands of users, so you can be sure we'll maintain the quality of your hosting. This attitude allows us to build strong, long lasting relationships with our clients - many going back over a decade.

Deployment that helps you make the most of Drupal's potential

Our expert deployment service will ensure that your Drupal system is implemented correctly and can meet all your objectives. Above all, we can keep the potentially stressful deployment process as seamless and worry-free as possible, thanks to the Ixis team's sophisticated managed version control service for deployment.

Our hosted Drupal service helps users to advance quickly and simply to tasks such as user acceptance testing. We can deliver custom deployments and have the ability to automatically make multi-branch deployment as simple as a single Git command.

Fully managed Drupal cloud platform
Drupal Hosting

In theory, anyone can operate in a public cloud. In practice, expert advice and assistance is advisable, because there's an ongoing need to:

  • Monitor the application, and react to alerts 24/7
  • Manage the setup to enforce a repeatable environment and facilitate auditing 
  • Manage backups and disaster recovery strategies
  • Implement caching both within Drupal and at the edge
  • Provide a deployment system, implement release management and manage multiple environments

Ixis provides all of the above as standard. We can provide a fully managed Drupal cloud platform as a core service, backed by our team's experience and expertise.

24/7 proactive monitoring

Your site is always there for people to view, so you need to be assured that it’s running smoothly and working efficiently at any time on any day. We deliver that assurance with proactive 24/7 vigilance, using a mixture of monitoring software, externally hosted services and internal open source software.

Not only have we seen a huge improvement in uptime as a result of development work carried out by Ixis, it’s also given us the ability to update and improve our sites in a much quicker way.
Nick Morgalla
Nick Morgalla
Head of Digital Operations, British Council

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