24/7 Drupal Expert Incident Resolution


Businesses who don't have technical support staff can often worry if they have invested time and money in open source software. We solve your problem with our dedicated UK based Drupal support service desk solution and accompanying optional hosting services.

We provide Drupal support retainer agreements for either within UK Office Hours, or as a Critical 24/7 service for a wide range of clients to complement their in-house teams or to take on full responsibility of the site maintenance. 

Our support engineers will provide assistance with:

  • Updating of Drupal contributed modules - including security fixes.
  • Answering queries about content and site administration.
  • Monitoring of Drupal core security updates 
  • Assisting with contributed module selection and evaluation.
  • Web and MySQL server optimisation for performance.
  • Installation and configuration of new modules.
  • Minor HTML/CSS theme changes to an existing template.

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