Our Design Process

We offer a range of design services from a simple update to a current site, logo design and unique illustration, through to a full website redesign.


For custom creative work, we will establish your website communication objectives and review your exisiting design. 

Your website’s text and images communicate with the user both through tone of voice and content, but the way your website looks also communicates a message.  Therefore, if you want to be seen in a certain way and your content says one thing but the site’s design says another, the user won’t effectively digest your message.

At this stage we also discuss your brand guidelines, website designs you like or dislike, and any other information about the website’s design which is relevant.

From wireframe to visual

The starting point of the design process is the creation of a wireframe diagram for each core content page of the website.  Wireframes enable us to focus on the elements which comprise the page without being distracted by colour and images. This means we can consider the position and size of the page’s various elements and ensure that the webpage is presenting the user with the correct content and navigation choices. The wireframe also helps the developers understand the direction the site is taking so they can raise any issues early on in the process.

Our creative team then develops the agreed wireframes into a page design with colour, images and text which communicates the message we discussed at the beginning of the process.

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