Our interest is in long term and sustainable relationships, therefore we spare no expense on our setups and only use reputable hosts with a proven track record such as Amazon.    

We won't oversell our setups and services to thousands of users as this would mean we couldn't maintain quality.  This attitude has allowed us to build intimate relationships with clients and high retention that often spans several years.

Ixis can both setup and manage your ongoing Drupal deployments.

We provide and enforce a managed version control service for all clients, with git being our preferred system.   

Hosted deployment

We also provide a hosted Drupal deployment service for deploying Drupal sites. The simple front end allows non technical users to deploy easily and quickly to staging, user acceptance testing or production environments.     

Alternatively we can automatically deploy all branches meaning deployment is as simple as 'git push'

Custom deployment

For more complex setups we utilise the open source continuous integration tool Jenkins. Common jobs include automating build steps, Simple and Selenium tests.

The web based dashboard allows visibility into previous job success and aids deployments to a range of environments.

Workflows can be enforced to ensure standards are followed, and broken builds cannot be promoted without adequate testing or sign-off.

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