Our approach

The Ixis core strengths are borne out of the company's core values which enable us to provide the highest quality services to each customer at real value.  We pride ourselves on our strengths and the factors that make us different.

  • We are Innovative – we help our clients find smarter ways of working through the latest technology and tools.
  • We are Knowledgeable we research the market to guarantee that we are only putting our names to the best products and services. We are also Drupal focused and have received various plaudits from the community for our work.
  • We are Approachable whatever our clients needs, we discuss what is best suited for them and their business, tailoring our services around our clients.
  • We are Experienced with two decades of technical experience and know-how, the team have an outstanding track record and knowledge that is respected within the industry.
  • We offer Clarity we cut the jargon and ensure each client fully understands what we are doing. The world of IT and programming should not be confusing.
  • We have Integrity we only say yes to work that we can deliver to our own high standards, and if we cannot do this, we say no thank you.
  • We value our Skilled Workforce our team are all based at our Warrington office and are full time dedicated developers. We believe in keeping our services in-house so we can monitor and control quality in our project delivery.

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