Open source in the education sector
Open Source in the Education Sector

Open source software is the future for the Education sector

Why choose open source with Ixis?
  • Specialists - Ixis have specialised in open source software since we started back in 2004
  • Community - Benefit from the expertise of millions within the open source community
  • Transparency - There will be no hidden surprises, open source is exactly as it says - open
  • Reliability - Open source code is often superior to that of proprietary developed in secrecy. 
  • Security - Huge communities testing and vetting new code enabling open source to remain secure
  • Cost Effective - Open source platforms like WordPress have no license fees keeping costs down
So, what is open source?

Open source refers to a program or software in which the source code is available to the general public from its original design free of charge. Ixis worked exclusively in Drupal for a number of years, becoming the UK’s leading dedicated agency. When we had honed our skills in Drupal to perfection and built one of the most diverse portfolios in the UK, ranging from enterprises to local government and third sector organisations, we expanded our expertise to include other open source platforms. This means that we can offer our services to an even wider range of businesses.

By choosing an open source product such as Drupal, Wordpress or Magento, it means your budget will be spent on functionality and features rather than recurring licensing costs. With communities full of passionate developers, designers, trainers, strategists, coordinators, editors, and sponsors working together there are thousands of eyes on the code, keeping it secure and up to date.

Open source in the education sector
Open source and Education

Every day, organisations in the education sector, large and small, are turning to open source technologies to support their staff, students and stakeholders. Web projects in the education sector require robustness, scalability and value for money. Open source platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, containing thousands of plugins and modules, allows budgets to be allocated against tangible benefits such as functionality and features rather than licensing costs. 

Whatever your project needs, Ixis will work with you every step of the way. Whether it's a safe and secure website for your student records or an easy to navigate bulletin board to provide updates and information for parents and pupils, Ixis can help you find the perfect solution for your development needs.

Ixis are right for you

Ixis are a technical agency specialising in open source development, hosting and support. Organisations such as National Skills Academy for Nuclear and TES trust in our ability to provide specialist technical expertise, agile development, consultancy and secure hosting platforms.

Our team of expert developers know how to work effectively and efficiently providing you with the best value for service around. We get straight to the heart of any project requirements and deliver the perfect solution for your budget and expectations. We remove the need for expensive in-house technical staff, who are often very difficult to find in the first place and provide the very best 24/7 support from our award-winning service desk.

Choose Ixis today and speak to one of our expert consultants who can guide you along the way to finding the perfect solution for your educational institution.

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