Open source in the Utilities sector
Open Source in the Utilities sector

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Why choose open source with Ixis?
  • Specialists - Ixis have specialised in open source software since we started back in 2004
  • Community - Benefit from the expertise of millions within the open source community
  • Transparency - There will be no hidden surprises, open source is exactly as it says - open
  • Reliability - Open source code is often superior to that of proprietary developed in secrecy
  • Security - Huge communities testing and vetting new code enabling open source to remain secure
  • Cost Effective - Open source platforms like WordPress have no license fees keeping costs down
So, what is open source?

Open source refers to a program or software in which the source code is available to the general public from its original design free of charge. Ixis worked exclusively in Drupal for a number of years, becoming the UK’s leading dedicated agency. When we had honed our skills in Drupal to perfection and built one of the most diverse portfolios in the UK, ranging from enterprises to local government and third sector organisations, we expanded our expertise to include other open source platforms. This means that we can offer our services to an even wider range of businesses.

By choosing an open source product such as Drupal, Wordpress or Magento, it means your budget will be spent on functionality and features rather than recurring licensing costs. With communities full of passionate developers, designers, trainers, strategists, coordinators, editors, and sponsors working together there are thousands of eyes on the code, keeping it secure and up to date.

Open source in the utility sector
Utilities and open source

Many utility sector organisations turned to technology long ago to better understand how their process, systems and overall businesses were doing. Organisations working within the renewable energy industry are constantly striving to provide a better product and service than their fossil-fuelled counterparts, water and wastewater services have a number of different variables that they are reliant on technology to provide them with the correct information and what all the different industries within the utility sector have in common is the need to provide a better service for their customers as they compete for their market share in this trillion pound sector.

Open source software has long since become the chosen source of technology for many of the worlds largest companies within the utility sector such as Uniper and EDF energy. Companies that have chosen to adopt open source software early have benefitted from the faster rate of development open source offers as opposed to traditional proprietary software systems. Open source software also offers reduced licensing costs, in some cases no license costs whatsoever, helping to keep costs down and allowing you to reinvest that money elsewhere into your project allowing for an even better end product.

So whether it is a user-friendly portal for your customers or a system that allows for your engineers to quickly and efficiently report faults enabling you to stay ahead of your competition and provide the best product imaginable for your customer's open source and Ixis can provide the solution for you.


Why are Ixis right for you?

Ixis have been delivering first class support in open source technologies since 2004. This means that when you make the decision to work with us you are working with a company who has a long history in delivering technology services.

We have worked hard to build our reputation of being a leading development company in open source technologies. We are trusted by many enterprises, local government and third sector organisations. These organisations trust in Ixis and chose to work with us because of our reputation, expertise and promise to deliver a service which they wanted. Understanding your business and your requirements will help us customise your projects to provide your business with the results you are looking for.

We were really impressed with Ixis’s credentials. The way they have grasped the brief has been very well considered to date so we’re confident they will help us achieve our digital aims.
Mark Piatkowski
Mark Piatkowski
Domain Architect at Uniper

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