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Open Source

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The Benefits of open source
  • Cost effective - Reduced licensing costs providing the best value for money
  • Customisable - Users are free to modify and tweak the code to suit their needs
  • Community - Large communities sharing knowledge and improving the software benefits everyone
  • Security - Large communities mean thousands of eyes constantly testing for flaws and bugs
  • Quality - Thousands of developers adding new features and improvements, open source never stands still
Why do Ixis choose open source?

Ixis have worked with and specialised in open source software since we started back in 2004. Our teams of experts are always working to improve their craft and open source software provides the platform for them to do so. With open source, we aren't limited to our own knowledge like we would with a proprietary system. We benefit from the thousands of other developers out there who all work together with the common goal of improving the software for everyone and provide the correct information and expertise for anybody to learn from. 

When we started we originally specialised in Drupal and over the years have worked hard to perfect our craft. We boast one of the finest development teams around who have a combined 35+ years experience working with Drupal. We even have some award winners. Our team are all Acquia certified developers and are constantly striving to further their knowledge and understanding of Drupal and other open source software. 

After spending all these years perfecting our craft using Drupal we have decided to broaden our horizons and bring our talents further afield. We can now offer services using a number of different platforms including WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop and Shopware.

Open source
What can Ixis do for you?


Drupal is an open source CMS (Content Management System). Because of its high levels of security and ability to integrate, Drupal is seen as one of the most powerful open source CMS’s. It is a popular choice with both local and central government, educational institutions and some of the worlds largest charities.


WordPress started life as a blogging platform but has since evolved to become one of the most popular CMS systems available on open source. It is widely used by many sectors such as education, third sector, finance and various organisations within the public sector.

Open source


Magento is recognised as the leader in open source technology for e-commerce, powering over 230,000 online stores worldwide. Being recognised as a leader doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of time and hard work. This is a testament to the commitment and ongoing development which has gone into creating Magento.


Shopware has been providing e-commerce technology since 2000. They have over 80,000 users and employ over 150 members of staff. Why are we telling you this? Because we feel it is important that you know that Shopware is a company which have a background to support your business and meet your business needs.

We were so impressed with their work, we asked Ixis to develop our main epilepsy information website (the most visited epilepsy website in Europe)
Mark Morton, Epilepsy Action
Mark Morton
Digital Manager, Epilepsy Action

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