Andrew A
Senior Systems Engineer
Meet Andrew, Senior systems engineer here at Ixis

Entering his fifth year with the company, Andrew has seen his stock steadily rise amongst the team. Graduating from university with a degree in software engineering saw him begin his career as a Programmer. After spending a few years working as a programmer he moved into the role of Systems administrator, he spent a number of years honing his skills before he joined Ixis back in 2013.

It was Andrew’s dad that introduced him to programming and from there, what was once a hobby, turned into a blossoming career. It is his responsibility for the creation and maintenance of numerous client servers and when required the installation of new patches and the resolution of incidents that can occur. The biggest issue facing Andrew? Keeping up to date with the ever growing list of new threats and bugs that can cause problems for our servers and learning the best practice to mitigate these threats. Andrew was at the forefront of some of our largest migrations to date and lists this as one of his many achievements here with Ixis.

As well as continuing with programming in his spare time, Andrew is currently working towards gaining his pilot's licence (Albeit very slowly as he has happily admitted). Having been learning to fly for the last five years, he embarked on his first solo flight just over two years ago and is keen to continue with his efforts. As is currently the trend with the Ixis team, video games are also a passion of his, often found destroying Matt at rocket league and when the chance arises he likes to utilise his hosting expertise and host his own game servers.

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