Josh W
Meet Josh, Developer and 20 year old digital whiz kid that has quickly become a key part of the Ixis setup

Josh began his time with Ixis as a fresh faced 16 year old apprentice looking to begin a career in the wonderful world of computing. After completing his Diploma in ICT systems and principles, Josh decided that carrying on his education was the best way forward and with the support of Ixis he enrolled on another apprenticeship, this time collecting a Diploma in Professional Competence for IT & Telecoms professionals. Now fast forward to four years later Josh is currently studying to complete his Software Developer Level 4 apprenticeship.

In his 4 years at Ixis Josh has achieved aplenty. He quickly became an integral part of the Ixis team and now takes on the responsibility to tackle some of our more technical issues. Not only is he our technical maestro, he developed the software, Samurai which enabled our support team to complete a task, which could take almost a full day to complete, in as little as 30 minutes.

Josh began following his passion for computers at only 13 years of age and when you consider where he is at now, we at Ixis can only see him going a long way in his career. It’s not always computers though, outside of work Josh enjoys playing Tennis and used to compete for his High School in regional tournaments. Not only that, he also loves to play video games (not uncommon for most computing professionals) so it stands to reason you won’t find him too far from a keyboard.

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