Paul J

Senior Developer

Meet Paul, Developer here at Ixis

Paul joined the team over 6 years ago, initially as Support team lead but moved into Development in February 2014, working predominantly as a Front End Developer. He graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2009 with a degree in Computer Games design. It was his degree that taught him the basics of computer science and from that, he quickly enhanced his skills in web development, particularly in Drupal. In early 2017, along with Paul Byrne, he passed the Acquia Certified Developer exam, doing so with little preparation which only served to highlight his remarkable Drupal knowledge.

How did Paul, go from Games design to web development you wonder? Well it all began when he was a lot younger, he and his dad built a computer together and from there, his flirtation with computing as a whole began. The shift from games design to web development started during his degree, a web development module provided Paul with his first real taste of what was to come.

Outside of work, Paul undertakes his own little web development side projects meaning he is never too far away from a computer.

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